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How about some whiskers 

Adding even more detail to my sculpture I will cut out little slits in the cheeks for where the whiskers would go.


Tongue and cheek… 

I also don’t want to forget about the tongue.  I cut a slit down the center of the tongue so that it doesn’t look like a bottom lip. 

I then go back and cutout a horizontal slit under the tongue to outline where the bottom lip will be.


Crazy hair 

I have rounded out the face pretty well now and I am ready to move onto the hair.   

I cutout random triangles on the outside areas of my face.  

Tip:  Have the point of the triangle point towards the face leaving the wider edge towards the outside of the pumpkin.



This image shows a couple of the triangles that I have cutout. 

We will need to cutout triangles on both sides of the pumpkin 

Tip:  If a knife is too big for you to cutout your triangles you can easily cut them out with a carving saw.


OK, I have cutout all the triangles that I need on my pumpkin.  The next step is to give them some details.

Adding detail to the hair 

I now go back and carve a slit in-between each of my triangles.  Basically I am separating the area between the triangles into two pieces.


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