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Who is Gerald Gore?  Gerald Gore is a self-taught sculptor and owner of Gerald Gore Studios (GGS).  You can view more of Gerald's artwork and read more about him at

What is an eBook?  eBooks are electronic books that are stored as files on your computer.  If you want a hard copy of the book you will need to print it out.

Can I printout the eBook? Yes you can printout the eBook for your convenience but you may not distribute or copy any part of it.

What format is the eBook in?  The eBook is a pdf file that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at

How big is the eBook?  The pdf file is over 4 Meg.  The eBook is over 100 pages with well over 100 step-by-step pictures.

Can you make a template from a photograph for me?  Yes, I can.  Go to for more details.

Where can I buy carving tools?  I have a list of recommended vendors on

Cool Pumpkins

  If you have found the tutorials on this site beneficial then I would like to introduce you to Cool Pumpkins.  Cool Pumpkins is an e-book that contains the tutorials from this site plus other great pumpkin carving tips and tricks.  With over 100 pages of text and images you will get step-by-step instructions on how to create some of the most amazing pumpkins you have ever seen.  I have also included 20 FREE templates to get you started on some basic pumpkin carving designs.  Your investment in Cool Pumpkins not only helps support this site but also gives you over 100 pages of great tips and tricks to carving amazing looking pumpkins.

Cool Pumpkins is normally priced at $15.95 but for a limited time I am offering it for $5.95 (over 60% savings).  The Cool Pumpkins e-book is a 4.2 Meg pdf e-book that is available at the following link:  

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Cool Pumpkins!

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