Creating sculptures with a pumpkin
The art of pumpkin sculpting!

What is pumpkin sculpting? 

Pumpkin sculpting is the art of sculpting an image out of a pumpkin.  Most people still consider pumpkin sculpting the same thing as carving pumpkins but I think there are some key differences.  “Pumpkin Carvings” are usually two-dimensional designs that can appear to be three-dimensional.  When you sculpt a pumpkin you actually create a three-dimensional design.  For instance, the nose on a sculpture actually sticks out from the face; it is not carved in a way that it creates an illusion that it is sticking out from the face. 

When you sculpt a pumpkin the process is similar to creating a carving with wood or stone.  You will want to block out the key shapes in the image like the eyes and nose and then later refine them into their individual shapes. 

Keep in mind that pumpkin sculpting is the most difficult out of the examples that I have given you.  However, with that being said, practice does make perfect and your skills will improve over time 

In the following lessons, I have created step-by-step instructions for two different types of pumpkin sculptures.  The first lesson that I will give you outlines how to create a pumpkin sculpture of a stylish cat.  The second lesson increases in difficulty as you learn to sculpt a grumpy old man. 

I have purposely designed first lesson so that you can gradually increase your sculpting skills as you graduate to the second lesson.  I am confident that with enough determination and practice you too can create some amazing pumpkins.


Materials needed 

  • Pumpkin

  • Light (if you decide to light up your pumpkin)

Tools needed 

There are a variety of great sculpting tools out there and the ones that I use are by no means the exact same tools that you have to use for your sculpting projects.  However, I do recommend that you do get at least a large and medium clay loop tool to make your sculpting experience a whole lot easier.   

Most of the tools that I use can be purchased from a variety of pottery kits that run in the price range of around $10.   Search for a list of vendors that carry the pottery tools that I use.

Large clay loop tool
Medium clay loop tool
Small clay loop tool
Scraper tool
Carving knife or saw
Exacto knife or razor blade
Poker (to assist if having difficulty poking out the cutouts)



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