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Picking out the right pumpkin 

The key for creating sculptures out of pumpkins is to find pumpkins that have very thick walls.  The thicker the walls the farther down you can carve to create a very impressive three-dimensional work of art. 

Pumpkins that are perfectly round usually have walls that are too thin for pumpkin sculpting.  The lopsided, or egg shaped, pumpkins are really the ones that you want to look for.  Nine times out of ten you will find that the lopsided pumpkins usually have one wall that is thicker then the others.   

I also look for pumpkins that appear to be heavy for their size.  The heavier pumpkins usually have thicker walls that contribute to the extra weight.  Basically what I will do is pick up a few pumpkins that are around the same size and pick out the one that is the heaviest.   

These are the key rules that I use to pick out my pumpkins and so far they have worked very well for me.  Just remember that the thicker the pumpkin wall the more depth you can create for the sculpture resulting in a more impressive work of art. 

Gutting the pumpkin 

Gutting a pumpkin is not always necessary for pumpkin sculptures and there are some sculptors out there that do not gut their pumpkins at all.  It really comes down to personal preference and whether or not you want a pumpkin that you can light up at night.  I personally prefer to gut my pumpkins but thatís just me.  The sculptures themselves are impressive alone and illuminating them is just another effect that you can add.  Whatever you choose to do, just go out, have fun and create some cool looking art! 

Some key points before we begin 

When I create a sculpture I purposely jump around by working on several key areas at the same time.  I believe it is counterproductive to focus on one area of the sculpture until completion.  Letís use the nose as an example.  If you focus completely on the nose you may overlook how the eyes and cheeks and mouth should look with your nose.  By moving around between the nose, eyes and mouth, you focus on the artwork as a whole instead of just the individual parts.  I personally find it easier this way to create balance between the different parts of the sculpture. 


Shaving the Face 

OK, so by now we should have picked out a pumpkin that we want to turn into a cool looking sculpture.  The first step is to identify where on the pumpkin that we are going to do the carving.  If you have decided to gut your pumpkin then you can easily identify the area that has the thickest wall.  Otherwise will need to make an educated guess on which part of the pumpkin has the thickest wall. 

Clearing the surface

Using your large loop tool scrape away the outer skin of the pumpkin.   

Tip:  Not as easy as one would think but with a little practice you will be able to shave the pumpkin with great ease.


Shaved and ready to go 

You only need to scrape the area that you are going to carve.  Here is a picture of what my pumpkin looks like after I have shaved the skin off of my carving area. 

*Takes me about 5 minutes to get to this stage.


Now that our pumpkin has been shaved, letís see what cool designs we can come up with!

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