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Wal-Mart carries a variety of the Pumpkin Masters templates, tools and lights.  Search below for your carving needs.

Wal-Mart carries just about everything you could need.  Use the search bar below to look for Dremel's, Loop tools, pottery tools, clay ribbon tools and more...

Can you create a template for me

Yes I can.  I have outlined the pricing information below:

  • Template for photograph of one person - $35
  • Additional people in the template - add $5 per person
  • Turnaround time - depending on my schedule the template should be completed within 3 days
  • File format for the template - jpeg unless otherwise specified.

If you are interested in having a template created for you, email with your picture and request.  The better the the quality of the picture the better the template.  Please keep attachments under one meg if possible.  I will send you my PayPal account information and will start the template once the payment has been made. 

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