Carving a portrait into a pumpkin

Advanced template design

Advanced templates give you the ability to create some of the most amazing pumpkins.  Unlike the basic template designs which create basically two colors, advanced templates give you the ability to create a third color: dark orange.  With the dark orange color you can create shadows within your design.  It is the shadows that really give you the ability to carve pumpkins that look like photographs of people.

Carving a three layer pumpkin           

In the following example I am going to show you how to carve incredible looking pumpkins from templates.  The design that I am going to use for my carving is from a photograph of my son.  I want to keep this pumpkin for years to come so I am going to use an artificial pumpkin called a Fun-Kins pumpkin.  Fun-Kins are carvable foam that looks just like a real pumpkin.  I will cover Fun-Kins in more detail later. 


Introducing my Fun-Kins pumpkin 

 Fun-Kins look just like the real thing.  They have creases; bumps and different shapes just like a real pumpkin. 

Tip:  The majority of these instructions can also be applied to a real pumpkin.  I will let know when there is a difference between carving a Fun-Kins pumpkin and a real pumpkin.


 Fun-Kins can be ordered at

No need to gut a Fun-Kins pumpkin 

There is no need to cut a hole in the Fun-Kins pumpkin.  The bottom of the Fun-Kins pumpkin has already been cutout for you. 

Tip:  When you carve out a real pumpkin you will want the sides to be about an inch thick.  If the sides are thicker then an inch you will need to take your large loop tool and carve it down more.  

Also make sure that the thickness of the pumpkin is consistent where the design is going to go.


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