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Using my medium loop tool I will shave down one area of the triangle so that it is lower then the other are.   

Do this for all of the triangles on the sculpture.

 Tip:  Keep your shaved areas consistent.  If you shave the bottom are on one triangle make sure you shave the bottom area for the other triangles too.


In this picture we can clearly see how the space between my triangles has been divided into two different areas.
Using my loop tool I will carve out the hard edges and round out fur for my cat.
Now the area around the triangles is starting to flow better since we got rid of the hard edges.

I then turn the pumpkin on its side and carve out deep random grooves into the forehead. 

The idea here is to create an image of hair flowing above the eyes.


Cleaning up the sculpture 

Tip:  The skin of the pumpkin is very fibrous and can split and fray causing loose pieces of skin to stick out of your cutouts.   

To get rid of the loose pieces of skin, shave the inside of the pumpkin where the cutouts are located.


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