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The imaged has been transferred

 Here is what the pumpkin looks like after the template has been removed.

Notice how close the dots are on the design.

Marking the areas to cutout

The next step is to identify the areas of our design that will be cutout.  I mark my areas with a black X.

Sawing through the design 

I then use my saw, from my Pumpkin Masters kit, and carefully saw out the design. 

I would recommend sawing out some of the smaller areas first and then working your way to the bigger ones.

You will want to saw your large sections in pieces.    Make sure that you take your time otherwise your saw or pumpkin could break. 

Tip:  If you accidentally break a section off on a Fun-Kin you can glue it back together (I recommend using Super Glue).  With a real pumpkin you are out of luck.

OK, now we can see our design starting to take shape.   

I am almost done with the cutouts and will move onto the 50% shaving next.



Marking the areas that need to be shaved 

The next stage is to take my black marker and mark the areas that are going to be shaved down.   

The shaved down areas will give us the dark orange, shadows, on our pumpkin. 

Tip:  This is the portion on my template that was orange.  On most templates it will be the dark gray areas of the template.



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