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This is what my punch tool looks like.  I got my punch from a Pumpkin Masters kit that I picked up at Wal-Mart.   

You can also use a nail, straight pin, or any other sharp object that can make a small hole.

Transfer complete 

The picture to the right shows what the template will look like once all of the holes have been punched through. 

Look closely and you can see the little dots.

Checking out the design 

Carefully examine the template to make sure that all of the design has been traced.  Now remove the template and you should see your design on the pumpkin. 

Tip:  Notice how close the holes are in the design?  The closer the holes the easier it is to accurately carve out the design.

Cutting around the design  

I like to mark out the areas that I am going to carve with a marker or Sharpie.  This is a little trick I use to help me make sure I do not cutout the wrong areas of the pumpkin. 

Tip:  When you start sawing the pumpkin, treat the saw like a jigsaw.  Move the blade quickly in up and down strokes and slightly turn the saw in the direction that you need to cut. 

Don’t use too much pressure with the saw or you will break the blade

Completed pumpkin 

Here is a picture of my completed pumpkin.   

Not that impressive with the lights on but wait till you see it lighted up!

Final pumpkin 

Here is what my pumpkin looks like when it is lit up. 

Not bad for about 30 minutes worth of work.

A few key tips:  The best way to punch out the design and carve the pumpkin is to hold the pumpkin in your lap.  Here are a few pictures of my six-year old daughter carving one of her pumpkins.  Hey if a six-year old can do it so can you! 

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